Light Pole Installation

In mid-2018, KDM Constructors was awarded a contract by BHP for the removal, and reinstallation, of 104 light poles on the Jansen site. The light standards were exposed to a phenomenon called ‘Vortex Shedding’, in which the poles experienced micro-vibrations. Over an extended period of time, this caused the welds to crack, ultimately leading to a pole failing. The poles were to be replaced with a more robust version. KDM was contracted to perform the following scope of work:

  • Isolate and electrically disconnect the standing light poles
  • Remove the existing light standards from their bases using a picker truck
  • Remove LED fixtures from the old light poles
  • Reinstall the fixtures on the new light poles
  • Reinstall all 104 light standards onto the bases using a picker truck
  • Electrical terminations
  • Form and grout the light pole bases
  • Commissioning to ensure proper functionality 

The project required rigorous coordination of on-site traffic and logistics, all the while ensuring continued communication with various on-site teams. By executing the established plan, KDM safely completed the project with no injuries and ahead of schedule.



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