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Muck Bunker Assembly and Maintenance Platforms

KDM Constructors, in tandem with our partner company South East Construction, completed a dual scope project at BHP Jansen site in 2017. This shut down project entailed the installation of a loader stop assembly in the back of both muck bunkers on site. The purpose of the loader stop assembly was to prevent a loader from reaching too far into the muck bunker and putting the operator in the line of fire of the muck chutes. KDM coordinated and assisted another on-site contractor to ensure a proper lockout was completed of the muck chutes. Our crew then installed a tiered lego block structure and installed ¾” steel plates on the lego blocks to act as a muck deflection shield. KDM attached the plates to the lego blocks via concrete epoxy and threaded rod, and field welded the steel in place.

Additionally, KDM also installed 5 platforms in various locations across site, to allow for safer access to valves for maintenance workers. The platforms were fabricated off site, installed by the KDM crew and field welded in place.